Why 360°


Immersive Entertainment

Many producers and directors have avoided 360° space due to its complexities and added costs. Hydra will make getting content for the world’s growing options for immersive entertainment faster, less expensive and better. Together, we will make virtual reality content libraries boom with more dynamic and longer content; hydra is the only camera that can capture content at the resolution needed for dome theaters - the next generation of theaters; live events are more accessible and in higher resolution because there is no need to lower the resolution and try to live stitch; and we want to see an evolution of cinema as directors challenge themselves to switch to a 360° medium.


Autonomous Vehicles & HD Mapping

As driverless vehicles advance they need to be able to see and know where they are going. Hydra solves both of those challenges better than current technologies. To help the vehicles navigate, they rely on HD Mapping - more precise, data filled maps essential to self-driving cars. Using Hydra to create these maps increases the resolution and makes the image data more reliable than other 360° cameras. Additionally, by taking advantage of our optical alignment method and instant 360° imaging, autonomous vehicles can see the entire scene, object locations and not rely on overlapping imaging and possibly missing a person or sign. Hydra is pertinent to this industry at both the beginning and the end.


Risk & Asset Management

There exist AI programs today that assist multiple industries with their risk and asset management. However, these programs are coupled with the current standard of 360° cameras, and by the time the stitching is complete, the data capture is outdated. Using Hydra eliminates this time gap and gets the data straight to the software. Cities can drive their streets and keep track of their assets, note locations of road damage, and track for code violations; companies can analyze their construction sites for code violations, employee risks and track their progress; and warehouses can enhance their asset management while automation increases, while keeping their employee safety a top priority.



Imagine not having to choose what your security camera sees, not having a delay for a camera to turn, not having a blind spot or loosing a face in a crowd. Circle Optics’ patented method of creating seamless 360° fields of view makes this all a reality. As sensor and optical technologies improve, we will be able to significantly reduce the cost and size of our cameras so they compete with today’s standard security cameras.


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